UDS Pipes and Fittings are manufactured from compound i.e imported from US based company which is the world leader in compounding technology.

UDS- Underground Drainage Pipe System used for hot and cold water lines.

Ajay Terraline Plus is NSF certified – thus safe to be used for drinking water supply.

Designed for a 50 years life
Available as a complete system along with a complete range of drainage pipe and fittings, valves and solvent cement.

Ajay also ensure that its technical team is available to provide training and services round the clock for single family homes, large residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels and hospitals .

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Choose us for affordable Drainage pipes & fittings

We, at Ajay Pipes, feel the pride to serve you the drainage pipes and fittings of superior quality that has made it possible for us to become a leading pipe supplier all over the country. Our commitment to offer the best drainage fittings help us to continually enhance our services. The drainage fittings designed by us are highly robust and durable with high impact strength. If you are looking out for the right manufacturer for a long-term drainage system, then Ajay Pipes have the right solutions for all your needs.

Complete plumbing solutions for UDS and Above ground drainage system

From last 50 years, we are working efficiently in offering all kinds of plumbing solutions. With latest technologies, extrusion and manufacturing of plastic pipes are done at Ajay Pipes. We have a reputed name in the market and are recognized in providing residential as well as commercial plumbing fittings. At Ajay, we manufacture plastic pipes for Underground drainage system as well as above ground drainage system.

We are a leading manufacturer of superior quality plastic pipes. At Ajay, we ensure that you get the best drainage fittings in UDS and above ground drainage system. We offer a vast range of plumbing pipes and fittings suitable for the supply of cold as well as hot water through them without any hindrance to the water flow.

Why choose Ajay Pipes for plumbing fittings?

At Ajay Pipes, we are offering highly designed installations which are tested and can be implemented on all types of surfaces. Our plumbing fittings are made up of stable compounds imported from a leading company in the U.S. We are committed to provide the best quality of drainage fittings. Pipes manufactured by us excel in durability, flexibility, and strength. Our pipes are light in weight which makes transportation and installation very convenient.

For all kinds of plumbing and drainage solutions, you can rely on us. We, at Ajay Pipes, are focused and customer-centric in order to fulfill your requirements for a long-term drainage system.



Ajay Terraline Underground System has been designed to ensure it can be installed and tested with confidence. Reliability is unbuilt in all our products offerings for peace of mind of users. Our system offers:

  • Novel foam core technology for superior performance piping
  • Ringfit jointing system for leak free performance through factory fit DM-Seal
  • Higher performance and durability
  • Comprehensive range of system components available in 110mm, 160mm and 200mm
  • Entire system manufactured under constant quality control of all raw materials and ready products
  • Support through extensive technical experience
  • Fully compatible with Ajay Drainline system
  • Entire plumbing and drainage both for internal and external from one source
  • Superior fit and finish
  • High-tech machines and compliance to top manufacturing and product standards

Product Range

UDS Ring Fit Pipe

UDS Solvent Fit Pipe

UDS Ring Fit Fittings

UDS Solvent Fit Fittings

Traps,Valves & Swivel Adapter

Inspection Chamber & Accessories


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