Raw Material Technology:

Dedicated resources to find and research new generation polymers and additives from across the world with a view to continuous enhancement of physical properties, product performance, process-ability along with optimised economics and reduced environmental impact.

Compounding: Ajay uses only High Intensity mixing and shearing technology to prepare its compounds with high homogeneity and improved dispersion.

Processing Technology:

Pipe Extrusion: Ajay is the first company in India to use state-of-the-art European machines for processing UPVC (in early 1970’s) and CPVC (in early 2000’s). We use the latest twin-screw extrusion technology to ensure optimum processing of all polymers with the aim to maximise the physical properties, maintain consistency in all products and continuously improve upon productivity.

Fittings Molding: European molding technology using customised components are used for optimised process-ability. Ajay uses “Granule technology” for all its fittings to give high strength and high product consistency.

Molds: are manufactured from high strength and high corrosion resistance steels and incorporate “In-mould grooving” technology for consistent fit and finish.

Product Design

The company maintains and continues to collect market feedback from across the country from its installers and customers. This feedback is used to develop new products and improve existing products. In-house team of dedicated engineers use modern CAD facilities for product designing. Product performance simulation is done using fast proto-typing techniques before commercialisation of the product.

Manufacturing facilities

Currently the division operates through two strategically located manufacturing facilities incorporating the latest manufacturing infrastructure along with in-house laboratories and tool room. Further expansion plans are being formulated with aim to reduce distance between customers for faster deliveries and optimised services. Fully equipped laboratories and QC teams ensure that all quality parameters are adhered to and all testing is performed in-house based on requirements of Indian and international standards. Our facilities and systems ensure that Ajay products meet or exceed the global technical requirements.


Current the company operates 8 strategically located warehouses for supplying its products to its customers. The well placed and fully stocked warehouses are available for providing fast deliveries and easy availability of the entire Ajay product range at short notice.