Ajay Drain line RF system is a high performance and most advanced PVC SWR Piping system available in India today. This incorporates a very simple to use Dm-seal jointing system specially designed for easy, full-proof and cost effective installation. Both the pipes and fittings incorporate specially designed grooves for seating of Ajay’s innovative factory-fit DM-seal {dual material} which saves both time and labour for the end user. The grooved fittings are manufactured using high-tech fully automated injection moulding machines and latest “In-mould groove” technology. The grooved pipes are manufactured on in-line fully automated high pressure forming machines. As a result Ajay Drainline RF system delivers superior performance and durability every time.

Installation is done by simple application of Lubricant the spigot side of the pipe or the fittings and pushing it inside the grooved socket end of the corresponding pipe or fitting. The specially designed DM-seal holds the spigot tightly in place and ensures leak proof joint. Ajay Drainlinesystem, incorporates for the first time dual material seal made of high durability rubber with re-enforcement seal which holds the Dm-seal in place inside the groove and eliminates chances of rubber seal to get pushed out of socket of falling of during handling of transportation.

The system does not require any solvent cementing, welding, soldering or threading for making the joints and is pressure tested for 100% leak proof performance.

100% Leak-proof joint

  • Special DM-seal designed to withstand at least 2.5 bar pressure
  • Long lasting material

Factory-fit DM-seal

  • Lower labour and installation cost
  • Better fitment
  • Does not drop-out
  • Does not push out of grooves during fitment
  • Faster installation
  • Does not drop-out
  • Does not push out of grooves during fitment
  • Faster installation

Special sharp profile grooves

  • Similar profile for pipe and fittings
  • Fittings manufactured using ‘in-mold groove” technology and pipe on high-pressure forming machines
  • Better fitment of DM-seal
  • Makes factory fitment possible
  • Helps retain seal in place during jointing

Pre-chamfered Pipes and fittings

  • Does not damage rubber ring
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Reduces labour
  • Better alignment

Withstands pipe expansion and contraction by allowing spigot movement by allowing spigot movement

  • This avoids stress on the joins and breakage of pipes fittings
  • Maintain straight professional look

Inbuilt Re-enforcement ring on fittings

  • For higher strength and rigidity
  • Reduce breakage during transportation and installation
  • Joints can be removed for rectification (in case of errors)

DM-Seal (Dual Material)

  • Confirms to IS:5382
  • Soft part made of rubber for high durability
  • Rigid part made of reinforcement plastic
  • Keeps seal in place
    • Does not allow seal to fall out during transportation and handling
    • Holds seal in place
    • Does not allow ring to push out of groove during jointing
  • Facilitates factory fitment
  • Pressure withstanding capability (system tested at over 2.5 Bars pressures)
  • 100% leak-proof jointing
  • Installer friendly


Ajay Drainline SF systems is the first system in India to be 100% ISI certified i.e. all the pipes and fittings are ISI marked.

Use of Superior machines and tooling technology ensures that all components of the Ajay Drainline system consistent wall thickness, strength and performance unmatched by any other PVC systems available today. Ajay Drainline also ensures that product tolerances are maintained within a narrow range for better fitment and ease of installation.

Ajay Drinline SF system jointing involves use of superior solvent cement. On application of solvent cement on the pipe and fittings, a thin layer of PVC is softened (malted) and once the spigot is inserted into the socket, the softened material intermixes forming a homogenous joint.

The solvent dries up quickly and the joint comes to its original rigid plastic state. Once joined, the system cannot be taken apart.

Unique Advantages

  • 100% ISI marked
  • Reinforcement ring for more rigidity and less breakage
  • Dimensions within very close tolerance
  • Better fit and finish
  • Special design Nahani Trap
    • Embossing on outer surface for better grip
    • High water sealing (min. 10mm) more than the specification ensures bad odours do not enter the house

Unique Advantages

  • 100% ISI marked
  • Long Life
  • Cost effective
  • Hygienic
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High Flow rate with Smooth Bore
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Maintenance Free