DO’s & DONT’s


  • Install according to “AJAY DRAINLINE” installation guidelines & follow recommended safe work practice.
  • Remove dirt from pipes, fittings & DM ring. Clean pipe & fitting with clean & dry cloth.
  • Cut off 25mm beyond the edge of the crack in case any crack is discovered on the pipe.
  • Cut the pipe as square (perpendicular) as possible before making a joint.
  • Remove the burr on the surface of the pipe before jointing.
  • Use rubber lubricant on the surface of the pipe in case of “RF joint”.
  • Assemble quickly after applying solvent cement or rubber lubricant.
  • Rotate the pipes into 90° in case of SF joints while pushing the pipe into fitting & hold for 30 seconds.
  • Only use “AJAY DRAINLINE” UPVC Solvent Cement & Rubber lubricant for installation.
  • Use pipe & fitting from same manufacturer only.
  • Use DM seal only with Ajay Drainline pipes & fittings.
  • To avoid misalignment of vertical stacks use correct spacing of pipe clips as per chart given.
  • Only use Ajay Drainline SF joint system In case of horizontal installation.
  • Main stack should be protected with water seal trap. Specially where there is mixing of soil & waste.
  • Maintain 10mm gap at socket bottom in between Ajay Drainline RF joint system pipes & fittings to accommodate thermal expansion & contraction.
  • For installations exposed to the sun, coat pipe & fitting with water based paint.


  • Don't drop pipes on edges from heights. Don't drop heavy objects on pipes or walk on pipes.
  • Don't use UPVC Solvent cements & rubber lubricant that “AJAY” does not recommending.
  • Do not use this pipe & fittings more than the required pressure 2.5 Kg/cm².
  • Don't keep the Solvent cement can in open condition & keep out of naked flame.
  • Don't add thinner or other solvents to the Ajay Drainline solvent cement or lubricant.
  • Provide proper venting wherever required.
  • Do not over tighten door caps. Check placement of rubber ring before tightening
  • Do not use oil based paints for PVC pipes & fittings.