1. What is Ajay Flowline Plus CPVC?

Ajay Flowline Plus pipe and fittings are made from a specialty plastic known chemically as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). Flowline Plus CPVC is the result of new technology that ensures increased products toughness year round. Ajay Flowline Plus CPVC pipes and fittings are designs for potable hot and cold water distribution and are assembled with commonly used or special inexpensive tools. CPVC fusion Compound Jointing-proven with more than 40 years of successful service history – assure the reliability of a Flowline Plus plumbing system.

  1. Can we use combination of Ajay Flowline Plus with other piping systems?

(Example Flowline Plus for Hot and UPVC /GI for cold)?

No we don’t recommend such mix-n-match combination. In case, GI is used in a Plumbing Systems, all the advantages of Ajay Flowline Plus will be lost because of contamination from the rust and other disadvantages of GI pipes. UPVC pipes are not designed and cannot be used for Hot water distribution. Many times Suring peak Sumer time, water from the storage tanks become system. Sometimes even the back flow of Hot water into the system can adversely affect the UPVC system. Further there is always a chance of mistake during installation of plumbing system or the heating device (Geyser/ Solar Heater), which surely will lead to failure of the system, There is also a chance the solvent-cement/Fusion-Compound for CPVC and UPVC might get interchanged, which will also cause system failure. In the worst case of a leakage it would be difficult to pinpoint the blame on one of different suppliers. Lastly there is the problem of keeping inventory of different pipes, fittings, Fusion Compounds, installation tools and dealing with different suppliers, which will add to the cost.

  1. What is the expected life of Ajay Flowline Plus CPVC?

Flowline Plus has been in use successfully for the past 40 years. Flowline Plus Hot and Cold water Plumbing System has been designed for a service life of 50 years.

  1. Is Ajay Flowline Plus Cost Effective?

Flowline Plus system has been successfully performing worldwide for over 40 years and has s designed life of minimum 50 years.

  1. How to repair the punctures in the wall chasing/concealed installation?

Repairing of punctured & damaged pipe due to drilling/chiseling can be done by removing the cement plaster and using the pipe repair piece supplied by the company. Clean thoroughly the area of pipe damaged and makes it dry. Apply solvent cement on the surface of pipe at damaged portion in the entire circumference. Also apply solvent cement on the inner surface of pipe repair piece and snap on over damaged area. Tie a small piece of string/binding wire around the repair piece and pipe for some time to allow to set. This is an unique system available with CPVC pipe where the damaged pipe need not be cut or shifted back & forth for repair. Do pressure test before re-plastering.

  1. Is the water passing through the solvent cement joints safe for drinking?

Ajay Flowline Plus solvent cement is made from NSF listed CPVC compound. NSF is an independent non-government body in USA for water purity standards and certificates the piping system including solvent joint to be used for potable drinking water application.

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