Transportation,Loading and Unloading

Wrong Transportation as well as wrong storage can lead to deformation or damages to the pipe,The fitting and the sealing rings which can create problems during the laying and functioning of the mounted pipes.

The pipe must be transported in vehicle with smooth clean load surface i.e without unevenness or for example of protruding nails.The pipe must be laid with the whole length on the floor.

Harsh lifting and dropping of pipes must be avoided during the loading and unloading


  • Store all material in well vanitaled,shady condition and do not expose to direct sunlight
  • if Stored in the open for long peroid cover the stack with opaque sheeting to avoid discolration of pipes and fittings
  • Stack pipe length:Either on flat base or not level ground or on 75*75 timber at 1.0m maximum center.Provide side support with 75mm wide banner at 1cm center
  • Maximum stack:6 layer high
  • Ideally stack should contain one diameter pipe size only.Where this is not possible,stack largest diameter pipes are based at stack.Smaller pipe may be nested inside larger pipes.
  • Keep fiting in original packaging untill required for use
  • Store solvent cement and cleaning fluid in cool places


Take all resonable care while handling UPVC

Do not throw or drag pipes,or drag them on hard surface

In case of mechanical handling,use protective slings and padded support.Metal chains and hooks should not make direct contact with the pipe.