Testing & Quality

Ajay guarentees to all designers,engineers,architect,builders,clients,control authorities and others that the Terraline product which they use meets the specific application and possesses all the qualities which allow unhindered,flawless and long performance. The following test are performed to ensure the consistent high quality of our product

  • Ring stiffness
  • Ring flexibility
  • Creep ratio
  • Tolerances on pipe connection
  • Impact resistance
  • Water tightness of connection with spigot socket
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • Longitudinal shinkring

Ring Stiffness

The Ring Stiffness of Pipes is one of the important indicators for the evaluation of pipe stability.Nominal ring stiffness of pipe and fitting is expressed as kN/m2

Test Procedure

The Ring stiffness is defined by measuring of strength and deformation under a constant deformation rate. Therefore, a pipe segment is used instead on a complete pipe. The pipe segment is deformed vertically under a constant rate.The deformation of segment correspond to the amount of deformation of a complete pipe.[3%]

The Test piece is said to have passed the test if

a] There is no cracking of wall or liner

b] There is no wall delamination

c] Test Peices not ruptured and there is no mechanical failure

d] There is no change in direction of curvature of cross section of test peice

Stiffness class Ring Stiffness(Kn/m2)
SN2 >2
SN4 >4
SN8 >8