DM-SEAL(Dual Material)

  • Manufactured Using Latest Technology
  • Gives Long live and Optimum seal Performance
  • 100% Leak proof joint
  • Installer friendly,saves time
  • High pressure withstanding capability joints(Factory tested over 8 bar pressure)
  • Material confirm with european performance requirement
  • EN681-2:Material requirement for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage application
  • KIWA
  • High Resistance against oils and Chemical(Normally Used in Household)
  • Resistance to UV ttck and ozone
  • Seal in Place
  • Facilates Factory Fitment and supply of pre-fit Seals in all pipe and fittings.
  • Doesn.t allow seal to fall out of transportation and handling
  • Does not allow seal to push out of groove during jointing

Engineered for
Superior Performance