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We at Ajay Pipes believe in innovation. Our motto has always been to venture into the impossible and make it possible. And that is what our products reflect, that is, innovative technology along with impeccable quality. Our products are durable, tough, non - corrosive, non - toxic, and non - microbial. We ensure that our pipes are not only of the highest quality but are affordable as well. The products at Ajay Pipes have been designed to make sure that our customers get the best because that is what innovation is all about.

Over the years our competitors have faced limitations where we have excelled. We, unlike our rivals, have thrived to better our designs and our manufacturing methods. Our products have gone through the countless number of tests, trials, and runs so that we know that when our customers buy them, they perform just they were intended to. Our CPVC and UPVC pipes have transformed over the years, and so have our SWR and UDS pipes because that is exactly what innovation is all about.

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PVC Plumbing Pipe & Fittings Manufacturing Company India

We are the leading PVC pipe manufacturers who are well-known for offering the plethora of high-quality services like PVC pipe fittings, Potable water system, Plumbing pipes fittings, Agri pipes and plastic pipe fittings ensuring that services meet superior standards. At Ajay Pipes, we are dedicated to making innovations in irrigation, sewerage, and plumbing technologies. From PVC pipes and fittings to Agri pipes, and Plumbing pipes, each and every product manufactured at Ajay Pipes undergo a quality control test so as to ensure that it conforms to both international as well as Indian standards. Having 50 years of great experience, we are the most reputed PVC pipes manufacturers.

From rushing one store to another store and comparing the prices of different fittings, searching for the right type of plumbing fittings can be a challenge for anyone. But, we at Ajay Pipes, have a wide range of fittings to choose from, and our plumbing fittings are highly durable as well as affordable. By providing high-quality pipe fittings, we ensure to stand on the expectations of our customers. If you are searching for the high-quality plumbing fittings for your home or office, get in touch with us right away.

Plumbing Pipes and Fittings for Potable Water System

At Ajay Pipes, we believe in delivering excellence in all kinds of plumbing solutions. Our pipe and fittings are made up of environmental-friendly and non-toxic UPVC compound. Plumbing fittings manufactured at Ajay Pipes, are of superior quality. With loaded features and benefits, we are the leading manufacturer for all types of plumbing applications.

Fittings and pipes, designed by us, are durable and tough. Our pipes are abrasion-proof and corrosion resistant. Ajay Pipes Greenline pipes & fittings has corrosion resistance from most of the chemicals, constant contact with hard water causes scaling in other plastic pipes. Pipes manufactured at Ajay Pipes are resistant to scaling. Being lighter in weight, it is very convenient to transport and install our pipes & fittings for cold water plumbing system. Pipes and fittings made at Ajay are lead-free, making them safe for the supply of potable water system. It doesn’t promote any bacterial growth, thus making it suitable for potable water system distribution. Pipes & fittings designed at Ajay Pipes are able to survive high water pressures for prolonged period of time. Also, these pipes & fittings are excellent in withstanding the degradation caused by ultraviolet rays.

At Ajay Pipes, we make sure that you get high-quality plumbing pipes and fittings. With latest technologies and efficient manpower, we work in order to fulfill your requirement for potable water system. Ajay Pipes Greenline is your one-stop solution for all plumbing requirements.

Why Choose Ajay Pipes as The Best Plastic Pipe Manufacturers?

Keeping in mind the goal to become the top plastic pipe manufacturers in India, the team of professionals at Ajay Pipes always ensure customer service and satisfaction by offering finest range of high-quality pipes and fittings at the most reasonable prices.

Reasons why should you choose Ajay Pipes for plumbing solutions:

Unmatched quality: At Ajay Pipes, we always keep on making efforts to ensure the quality of all products like PVC pipes, Agri Pipes, Plumbing pipes, UPVC pipes, Portable water system, Plumbing fittings etc. Experience the unmatched plumbing solutions with us at the affordable prices.

Accreditations and certifications: Having tie-ups with various renowned associations worldwide like European Electrical Products Certification Association, our team of experts always look forward to bring innovation forward in such a way that it benefits our country in a number of ways.

Cost-effective products: Nothing can be amazing than getting high-quality products at the most affordable prices. If you are looking for the affordable plumbing pipe solutions, then Ajay Pipes is an ideal destination for you.

If you are in the search of the best pipes and fittings solutions, let your search terminate at Ajay Pipes that is one of the most renowned plastic pipe manufacturers that is committed to providing the world-class plumbing solutions.

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